Inspired                                                             Lead               Maggie Kaszuba – FDU
Saturday Afternoon                                        Lead                Melanie Coffey – LIU

Fair Trades                                                      Lead                Dennis Mason -- Brainsplinter Productions
India's Son USA                                              Supporting     Nishant Tanwar – Joker Productions
Devil's Five                                                       Supporting     Terry Wickham – Manta Ray Pictures

You Can't Predict Fate                                   Lead                Larry Rosen -- Rosenguez Productions

​The Cursed Road                                           Lead                 CJ Cullen


The Smoker and the Blue Haired Chick    Lead/BHC              Roy Arias Theatre/Thomas Michael Quinn
Satire Off Broadway                                     Allison/Vanessa    Producer’s Club Theater/Michael Horn

The Glass Slipper                                         Mistress Haughty  Rhino Theater/Ed Bialkin

Glam Makeup         Supporting     Crybaby Media
Mayhem Movers    Host                 NEU

Raw Dog Comedy Show   Hypnotist Prank   SiriusXM Radio


Competitive Basketball, Volleyball, Cross Country,  great with kids/infants, driver’s license (automatic/standard), beginner Violinist, experience with pistols and rifles, Voice: Soprano, Southern and Irish accent.

Tyler Kipp

Height: 5'10"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Training:  The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
Location: New York, NY
Willing to travel

Actress, New York, NY